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Baby-led Weaning

A Developmental Approach to the Introduction of Solid Foods

Written by Gill Rapley MSc © Mark-it Television / Gill Rapley 2006. Running time: 16 minutes.

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A baby’s transition from a milk-only diet to eating family foods begins with the first solid foods.

Most parents look forward to this stage - but many find it turns out to be less easy than they expected. They worry about what to give the baby and how to persuade him to eat real food once the pureeing stage is over. Some find that mealtimes become a battleground, leading to long-term problems.

Much of this stems from the conventional approach to giving solid foods, which not only takes control away from the baby but stops him experiencing the fun of eating.

The Baby-led weaning (BLW) approach is different. It avoids spoon feeding and purees and instead allows babies to feed themselves from the very beginning, enabling them to enjoy a wide range of flavours and textures straight away. Letting the baby set the pace makes the process fun for everyone.

This DVD explains how Baby-led Weaning works.

Ref: DVD-BLW001